r86c – Mc128 # 1976 Knight/Wheeler Two Dollar Banknotes
OCR–B Typeface with Side Thread

r86c 1976 Knight/Wheeler Two Dollar Note with OCR-B Typeface with Side Thread
Obverse John Macarthur with Merino Sheep
Reverse William James Farrer with Wheat Ears
Signatories H. M. Knight, Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia
F. H. Wheeler, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 145.00mm [width], 72.50mm [height]
Composition Paper
Watermark Captain Cook in left panel
Serial NumbersPrefix HRZ to JEY 035001

Notes : It was found that the tendency to fold notes along the centre caused an excessive amount of wear and tear. As this was the exact position where the metallic thread was originally placed in 1974, it was decided to reposition the Security Thread to the side of the note. It was decided to move the thread position to approximately 55mm from the left hand edge of the note.

Valuation : r86c – Mc128 # Knight/Wheeler Two Dollar Banknotes

1998 3 57 1015
2003 4 710 1530
2008 7 1525 3555
Auction Prices
2012   9159
2013     12 [16]
2014     [6] 36
First serial prefix HRZ # r86cF – Mc128a
r86cF First prefix HRZ Knight/Wheeler Two Dollar Banknotes
2008 30 60125 190300
Auction Prices
Last serial prefix JEY # r86cL – Mc128b
Last Serial Prefix JEY r86cL Knight/Wheeler Two Dollar Banknotes
2008 20 4075 115155
Auction Prices