r405 – Mc185 # 1974 Phillips/Wheeler Twenty Dollar Banknotes

r405 1974 Phillips/Wheeler Twenty Dollar Banknotes

Obverse Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith
Reverse Lawrence Hargrave
Signatories J. G. Phillips, Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia
F. H. Wheeler, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 160.02mm [width] 81.28mm [height]
Composition Paper
Watermark Captain Cook in left panel
Serial NumbersPrefix XGY 960001 to XLH 999999

Notes : The Commonwealth of Australia logo at the top of the note was replaced by Australia. According to Michael Vort-Ronald's publication Australian Decimal Banknotes : Paper Issues [Second edition, 2000, ISBN 0958758093] the change took place following a directive of then Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, that where possible, references to the 'Commonwealth of Australia' should be changed to 'Australia' in official descriptions generally. Mr Whitlam believed that the term 'Commonwealth' no longer carried the same sort of relevance in the 1970s, in particular because of its associations with "British Commonwealth" and "Commonwealth of Nations". The Government reviewed the wording in 1977 but decided not to direct the Reserve Bank to change it due to the cost involved and other factors, such as consistency in the use of 'Australia' on both banknotes and coins.

Valuation : r405 – Mc185 # Phillips/Wheeler Twenty Dollar Banknotes

1998 25 3050 75150
2003 30 50100 175300
2008 45 100200 275475
Auction Prices
2012     [87] 158
2013    154[84] 114
2014     [64] 183
First serial prefix XGY # r405F – Mc185a
r405F First serial prefix 1974 Phillips/Wheeler Twenty Dollar Banknotes
2008 100 225475 690950
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Last serial prefix XLH # r405L – Mc185b
Last Serial Prefix r405L 1974 Phillips/Wheeler Twenty Dollar Banknotes
2008 75 150275 390550
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