r2a – Mc4 # 1915 Collins/Allen Ten Shilling Banknotes

r2a 1915 Collins/Allen Ten Shilling Banknotes

Obverse Coat of Arms & George V
Reverse Goulburn Weir, Victoria ’Half Sovereign’ repeated in background
Signatories James R. Collins, Assistant Secretary
George T. Allen, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 195.58mm [width] 86.36mm [height]
Composition Paper
Serial Numbers M 502668 to M1000000
N 000001 to N 1000000

Notes :
Following the detection of forged 10 shilling notes issued in 1913 and 1914, the design was changed in 1915 to incorporate a HALF SOVEREIGN overprint in red around the borders of the obverse and a difficult to reproduce pattern of the words of the gold equivalent denomination – HALF SOVEREIGN – on the reverse.

Valuation : r2a – Mc4 # Collins/Allen Ten Shilling Banknotes

Auction Prices
2012   9553   
2013  14912    
2014 1789