r1b – Mc2 # 1913 Collins/Allen Ten Shilling Banknotes
Presentation Note (Without Letter)

r1b 1913 Collins/Allen Ten Shilling Banknotes

Obverse Coat of Arms & George V
Reverse Goulburn Weir, Victoria
Signatories James R. Collins, Assistant Secretary
George T. Allen, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 194mm [width] 83mm [height]
Composition Paper
Serial Numbers Prefix M followed by 6 numbers – all in red print
Numbers M 000001 to M 000500

Notes :
The first 500 notes (Serial numbers M 000006 to M 000500) were allocated by ballot to Parliamentarians and high-ranking officials, who paid for them. They were distributed with an accompanying letter signed by George T. Allen, Secretary of the Treasury. The letter was dated 13th July, 1913.

Notes M 000001, 2 and 3 were presented to the Governor-General Lord Denman, his daughter Judith, who numbered the first note, and his son, at a ceremony on May 1, 1913. This date is regarded as the official commencement for the Commonwealth series of pre-decimal notes. The Prime Minister, Andrew Fisher paid for numbers 4 and 5. These low numbered notes attract significant premiums because of their historical significance.

Valuation : r1b – Mc2 # Collins/Allen Ten Shilling Banknotes

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