r52d – Mc76a[?] # 1924 Cerutty/Collins Ten Pound Banknotes

r52d 1924 Cerutty/Collins Ten Pound Banknotes

Obverse Coat of Arms
Reverse Carting Wheat, Narwonah, New South Wales, 1909
Signatories C. J. Cerutty, Assistant Secretary
James R. Collins, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 165.10mm [width] 101.60mm [height]
Composition Paper
Watermark None
Serial Numbers Commonwealth Bank Issue
Prefix of U over numeral 0
U/0 000001 to 039188

Notes : Reserve bank archives indicate that the serial number range U/0 000001 to U/0 039188 was used on Cerutty/Collins £10 notes. An annotation in the archive states that the notes were of the ’old design’, and that 39,188 were issued. None were known to exist until a VG example was auctioned by Nobles in 2011. That note is pictured above.

Lot 4781 at the Noble Sale 96 held on 7th April, 2011 was an r52d banknote – graded VG – which realised a price of $34,950.

Valuation : r52d – Mc76a[?] # Cerutty/Collins Ten Pound Banknotes

Auction Prices
2011 34950