Australian Superscribed Banknotes


The Australian Government assumed responsibility for banknote issues in 1910. In the four years until 1914, notes from 17 institutions (16 banks and the Queensland Government) were purchased and overprinted with a promise by the Commonwealth Treasury to redeem the value of the note in gold.The superscription was signed by Jas R. Collins, Accountant and Geo. T. Allen, Secretary to the Treasury and dated 1st December, 1910.

Australian Bank of Commerce 459 3,8757,15026,500
Bank of Adelaide 3,0005,2508,50029,000110,000
Bank of Australasia8001,140 13,90042,100185,700
Bank of New South Wales1,7502,1005,75028,50048,250181,000
Bank of Victoria Limited 4,9001,85011,00013,000103,000
City Bank of Sydney 48055020,7002,00035,000
Colonial Bank of Australasia3,5992,3995,199   
Commercial Bank of Australia6301,5403,1758,7007,20038,300
Commercial Bank of Tasmania  2,0003,6005,00050,000
C.B.C of Sydney   7,00011,000176,000
English, Scottish & Australian Bank 2,8991,3995,9006,79923,999
London Bank of Australia250600 10,50011,30027,000
National Bank of Australasia1,2003,30070014,50013,90057,500
Queensland Government    10,00080,000
Royal Bank of Australia130579 1,3002,80024,500
Union Bank of Australia 1,3006,1509,70031,000159,998
Western Australian Bank   5,0001,50025,000