r23b – Mc38 # 1923 Miller/Collins One Pound Banknotes
(No T S Harrison Imprint, Small H Serial Prefix)

r23b 1923 Miller/Collins One Pound Banknotes

Obverse Coat of Arms & George V
Reverse Captain Cook Landing at Botany Bay
Signatories Denison Miller, Chairman of Directors, Note Issue Department, Commonwealth Bank
James R. Collins, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 180.34mm [width] 78.74mm [height]
Composition Paper – 75 gsm
Watermark Light basketweave around edges and ’£1’ (twice) in centre
Dark ’Commonwealth’ above and ’Australia’ below centre
Serial NumbersPrefix letter Small H over numerals (no imprint)
H/0 to H/60

Notes : The small prefix letter H in the serial number of this note is found in two varieties – fine or heavy. In 1926, the colour of pound notes without the TS Harrison imprint was modified slightly from bright to a darker green.

Valuation : r23b – Mc38 # Miller/Collins One Pound Banknotes

1998 200 400800 150030006000
2003 300 6001250 3000750012000
2008 600 12502500 90002000036000
Auction Prices
2012  5322409  29125
2013     9870 
2014   12003600