r20a – Mc33 # 1914 Collins/Allen One Pound Banknotes
(Emergency Issue – C or D Suffix & Prefix)

r20a 1914 Collins/Allen One Pound Banknotes

Obverse Australian Note with Blue/Orange/Blue Background
Reverse Orange/Mauve/Orange main design
Signatories James R. Collins, Assistant Secretary
George T. Allen, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 182.88mm [width] 101.60mm [height]
Composition Paper
Watermark ’SOVEREIGN’ in large letters
Serial Numbers Prefix & Suffix of C or Prefix & Suffix of D

Notes : This note was an interim emergency issue, printed at the Government Printing Office by the Government Stamp Printer, to meet the large demand for banknotes generated during the early years of World War I. It was known as the Rainbow Note because of the colours in the design which merged from light blue ends through green to bright orange in the centre of the front. On the back, this colouring was reversed.

Valuation : r20a – Mc33 # Collins/Allen One Pound Banknotes

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