r19 – Mc32 # 1914 Collins/Allen One Pound Banknotes
Emergency Issue

r19 1914 Collins/Allen One Pound Banknotes

Obverse E S & A with Australian Note Overprint
Reverse E.S. & A. Crest with Green/Yellow/Green background
Signatories James R. Collins, Assistant Secretary
George T. Allen, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 182.88mm [width] 118.00mm [height]
Composition Paper
Watermark None
Serial Numbers Prefix A & Suffix of A or Prefix & Suffix of B

Notes : During the early stages of World War I, supplies of circulating banknotes rapidly dwindled as demand escalated. Emergency printing runs were implemented utilising the printing plates used for private one pound notes issued by the English Scottish and Australian Bank. The notes were superscribed in a similar manner to private notes which had been issued between 1910 and 1914 until official Commonwealth of Australia notes became available in sufficient quantities.

The superscription used is known as ’Type 2’, having the same wording as ’Type 1’ but with only two serial numbers instead of three in the top left and bottom right corners of the overprint. The ornamental designs either side of the bottom number on the Type 1 overprint are missing.

Valuation : r19 – Mc32 # Collins/Allen One Pound Banknotes

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