Australian One Dollar Banknotes

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11
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Australian One Dollar Banknotes

Reverse : Yasir David Malangi also known as Sayeen Malangi and Gawachi Gaaan was one of the most well known bark painters from Arnhem Land and a significant figure in contemporary Indigenous Australian art. He painted on clear, red ochre or black backgrounds and used much broader and bolder brushstrokes than other Arnhem Land bark painters. The reproduction of one of his designs appeared on the reverse of the Australian one dollar note in 1966. This was done originally without his knowledge, but was acknowledged in 1967 with the release of the Australian five dollar note.

The design was taken from a photo by Douglas Glass.

In April 1964, designs by Gordon Andrews were accepted and detailed design work began with the specialist firm, Organisation Giori in Milan, Italy. New note printing machinery was obtained from the UK.

Gordon Andrews (1914-2001) was one of Australia's most distinguished designers, with a body of work encompassing graphic design, furniture, jewellery, sculpture, interior and exhibition design, painting and photography. He is perhaps best known for his designs for Australia's paper currency, which entered circulation February 14, 1966. When the present-day polymer plastic notes began to replace paper ones in 1992, Andrews served on the advisory panel overseeing their design.