r36b – Mc54b # 1914 Collins/Allen Five Pound Banknotes

r36b 1914 Collins/Allen Five Pound Banknotes

Obverse Coat of Arms
Reverse Hawkesbury River, N.S.W
Signatories James R. Collins, Assistant Secretary
Geo. T Allen, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 170.18mm [width] 106.68mm [height]
Composition Paper
Watermark None
Serial Numbers Prefix of U or V with Black Serials
U 693443 to V 1000000

Notes : Following the discovery of forgeries of the first Commonwealth of Australia five pound notes in 1914, steps were taken to modify the design. A mosaic of 5’s was added to the reverse of the note and the horizontal red and yellow bands prominent on the first design were replaced by a vertical phasing from purple through to yellow and back again.

Valuation : r36b – Mc54b # Collins/Allen Five Pound Banknotes

Auction Prices
2012  8155